SUNFLOWER LECITHIN – A component in our oral delivery technology

What is Lecithin?

Lecithin is a fatty substance that is found in your body as well as a multitude of plant and animal sources. Some of the most common types of lecithin include soybean, egg yolk and sunflower lecithin. It’s also found in foods like meat, seafood and dairy products. Commercially, lecithin is added to certain foods as an emulsifier, helping stabilize mixtures and prevent different parts from separating.


A key component of our nano-liposomal delivery technology is sunflower lecithin.


Soft Chew Nutrient Delivery Technology

Sunflower lecithin – rich in two absorption enhancing fatty acids – works synergistically with palm oil to rapidly deliver small (< 900 Da) and ultra-small-molecule (< 500 Da) nutrients and nutraceuticals across the small blood vessels of the oral mucosa into the bloodstream for enhanced bioavailability and rapid onset of therapeutic effects such as improved energy, alertness, mood, decreased pain and inflammation, and stress relief – depending on the actives being delivered.


Sunflower lecithin and palm oil share a unique property in that they’re both rich in the two permeation-enhancing fatty acids – oleic acid and linoleic acid, which boost small molecule penetration and absorption into the systemic circulation (i.e. bloodstream).


Additional Active Components

Sunflower lecithin contains a mixture of beneficial lipids and phospholipids needed for the function of every cell in the body and comprise a significant portion of the brain and nervous system. The brain contains a high concentration of phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylserine, and the omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which are present in significant quantities in sunflower lecithin.


In short, sunflower lecithin is a “brain food” with many health benefits that go beyond its fundamental role in the brain and nervous system. All body tissues receive a “health boost” from this versatile super food. Sunflower lecithin possesses a number of health benefits including better brain function, improved nutrient absorption, enhanced skin health, lower cholesterol, and improved digestive health.

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