Food Innovation


An Efficient Product Development Pathway

FoodPharmaTM develops its products based on a foundation of science and evidence-based studies that support our portfolio of nutritional supplement offerings. We are a technology driven developer with manufacturing expertise in common and commercially recognizable foods such as dietary supplement Soft Chews, nutritionally complimented Bars, Cups and EasyBitesTM our Legacy Panned Confections.

Your desired structure/function claims can become a reality with these nutritionally dense food forms. Our food scientists, biochemist and food technology staff guide your supplement delivery ideas toward commercialization through an efficient and deliberate product development pathway. Join us and learn more of our flexible and integrated development and manufacturing solutions designed wholly to support your success.

Factory Offerings

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Bars: protein bars, innovative nutrition bars with varying functionalities and added macro and micro-nutrients


Soft Chews & UltraChewTM: in a variety of bases – natural sugars, friendly sugars, sugar-free or traditional corn syrup all with added micronutrient functionality.


Cups / Inclusion Cups: innovative nutrition cups with varying functionalities and added macro and micro-nutrients.


Legacy Panned Products: which include traditional foods that are “functionalized” with added nutrition such as protein bites, chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, as well as supplement enhance bites and a variety of additional products of this size and nature. 


Confectionery: Traditional confectionery technology is designed, re-configured and repurposed to meet today’s market demands.

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