FoodPharma is a leading supplier of plant-based nutritional delivery systems, including soft chews, protein and nutrition bars, panned bites, and traditional confections with or without functionality. We have been delivering high-quality functional foods through innovative technology, exceptional quality, and attentive customer care for more than a generation. FoodPharma is a leader in novel nutraceutical deliveries coming from a rich background of commercialized recipes encompassing over 100 years of confectionery-making experience. Our reputation of superiority in product innovation and quality evolved from our merging of the experience and intellectual properties of five previously owned confectionery companies dating back between 1919 and 1999. The merging of our ownership of these companies’ rich corporate histories has created an extensive library of functional food formulas, technology, and service.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to our customer’s success through strong, focused relationships and vendor partnerships. Our work ethic includes a commitment to teamwork, a passion for innovation, and the delivery of excellence in product quality and service. 

FoodPharma: Your Developer, Formulator, and Manufacturer

Successfully formulating and launching new product categories not necessarily within a company’s core competency requires a strong understanding of formulating, manufacturing, quality control, and deep current knowledge of government requirements and regulations. FoodPharmahas extensive experience in these areas of food science, development, and manufacturing, and is a respected resource to its customers requiring services of this kind. Our customers experience significant savings and peace of mind with the recognition that they are working with a firm committed to getting right all elements of their development and manufacturing needs.

foodpharma usa contract food manufacturing and development

We’ve develop different category offerings to our customers making it easier to commercialize their functional food products!

To support customers in developing and manufacturing their functional food products, as well as assisting in executing its quick and cost-effective introduction into the marketplace, FoodPharma employs an expert staff of formulation and implementation professionals skilled at every task.

FoodPharma Brochure

Category 1

A team of food scientists and technologists capable of taking your idea and turning it into a great-tasting, food-delivery dietary supplement meeting your specific micro and macronutrient requests.

Category 2

A collaboration between our expert food scientists and Dr. Timothy M. Marshall, a nutritional biochemist, and neurospecialist. Dr. Marshall, in this second offering now becomes the project’s lead formulator and adds the legitimacy of extensive scientific research validating nutrient efficacy and delivering defendable structure/function claims for our customer’s use on packaging, marketing literature, and for presentation to government entities in compliance with requisite codes.

Category 3

A class of products already designed and developed by FoodPharma’s science staff, exclusively directed by Dr. Marshall. The products represent a growing set of our branded offerings addressing several contemporary functionalities sought by interested consumers. These brands allow our customers unique co-branding opportunities and are patented with numerous exclusive characteristics strongly differentiating them from competitive offerings. These brands are supported by scholarly research validating nutrient efficacy, ongoing clinical trials, structure/function claims, and label review assuring government compliance.

FoodPharma Contract Food Manufacturers
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