Cups with Inclusions

chocolate cups with supplemental functional dietary private label foodpharma manufacturer

R&D Simplified

We have a Strong R&D team capable of developing your functional food bar by introducing the specifications and requirements you present to us. Our customers generally present an food bar idea, or concept of specifications they wish to achieve, including a desired macronutrient make-up accompanied often by a requirement for additional Nutrition. The Cups with Inclusions product’s development begins with use of the firm’s established library of formulas which we refer to as the formula’s “Base.” These Base Formulas have proven and studied shelf stable attributes, and we utilize them as a foundation for the product’s further development.

FoodPharma’s™ team of food science experts are capable of developing functional Cups w/Inclusions quickly with our Quick Launch Cups process!



Natural ingredients
High protein
High fiber
High fat: ketogenic
Lower calorie
Low Glycemic Response Lower in sugar
Friendly sugars (New Innovative Research)
No dairy ingredients


Brain Health

Bone Health
Calorie Restricted Diets
Weight Control
Glucose Response, Diabetic

Blood Sugar Control
Low Carbohydrate by Low Impact Carbohydrates


Immune Health

FoodPharmaTM is preoccupied with safe and secure Food Bar packaging options that additionally supply ease-of-use and advanced shelf stability. 

Flexible and rigid packaging options employed through our prequalified vendor partners deliver notable and hygienically encased product with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties.

Visit us and discover the many possibilities in packaging and retail display options!