FoodPharma’s™ team of food science experts are capable of developing functional foods utilizing the specifications and requirements you present to us for the brain function and memory support market. 


The global brain health and memory support market size was approximately 7.2 billion in 2020 with an expected growth rate of 8% to 2028. 


Our customers generally present an idea, or concept of specifications they wish to achieve, including the desired macronutrient make-up accompanied often by a requirement for additional nutrition. The product’s development begins with use of FoodPharma’s™ established library of formulas which we refer to as the formula’s “Base.”


Product Development Simplified

Our innovative team will talk with you about Brain & Memory support food product goals and where you want your product to be made available on the retail marketplace.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with shipping and package options to make the entire process of bringing your product to life simple and exciting!

Packaging Options

We are preoccupied with safe and secure packaging options that additionally supply ease-of-use and advanced shelf stability. Flexible and rigid packaging options employed through our prequalified vendor partners deliver notable and hygienically encased product with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties. Visit us and discover the many possibilities in zipper gusset bottom pouches, crimp-end pillow bags, bottles, wide-mouth jars and formed folding carton options.

Bars fit into several functional categories designed to comply with Nutrition or Supplement Facts labeling including Brain Function and Cognitive enhancement. 


Nutrition Bars (better-for-you ingredients)


Dietary supplement bars (addressing many functionalities with micro and macronutrients fashioned in compliance as a dietary supplement)

Cups fit into several functional categories including Brain Function and Memory sector, designed to comply with Nutrition or Supplement Facts labeling. Our three-layer technology delivers a creamy and crunchy mouthfeel sandwiched in a chocolate shell. Cups are packed with a variety of inclusions including cookies, pretzels, protein crisps and more, all carefully crafted purposefully to fulfil your functional requirements. 


Perfect when designing functionality where decadence and indulgence are a part of your offering!

SoftChew UltraChew nutritional food manufacturing

The high-active dose loading capacity of SoftChews exceed that of gummies allowing fewer required servings – all your nutrition in one Soft Chew.


Our patent pending SoftChew oral mucoadhesive technology contains plant-derived saccharides and natural permeation enhancers which facilitate the rapid transport and superior absorption of small molecules to the bloodstream when chewed and swallowed.

Brain Function and Memory Support Product


If you would like to discuss having a product made, click on the request product details to get started!