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Manufactured using only whole food ingredients providing enriched vitamins and minerals with unsurpassed taste and satisfaction!

 We can add high quality functional inclusions to your bars & cups such as crisps, cookies, or pretzels.


A panned product is a chocolate-coated fruit, nut, chocolate ball, or protein ball with or without added nutrition (e.g. calcium, vitamin D, probiotic). Our customers generally present an idea, or concept of specifications they wish to achieve, including the desired macronutrient make-up accompanied often by a requirement for additional nutrition. The product’s development begins with the use of the firm’s established library of formulas, which we refer to as the formula’s “Base.”  These “Base Formulas” have proven and studied shelf-stable attributes, and we utilize them as a foundation for the product’s further development. 



Hard Panned

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Soft Panned & Polished

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Soft Panned & Polished

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Soft Panned

FoodPharma™ has a skilled R&D team capable of developing your panned products utilizing the specifications and requirements you present to us. Panned products may be “Nutrition Facts” or “Supplement Facts”.  We work with a multitude of the most advanced, state-of-the-art, innovative, cleanest, whole food ingredients in the food science marketplace to meet your desired macronutrient make-up.


Our firm develops and manufactures customized scientific formulas in the category of a panned-style delivery system as a contract manufacturer to your brand name. We have a large archive of “Base Formulas” with proven shelf-stable characteristics addressing today’s consumers’ interest in areas such as Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, Natural, Sugar-Free, Reduced Sugar, Low Carb, and High Fiber dietary needs. Additionally, our functional food expertise is proven in our ability to manipulate a product’s macronutrient profile and incorporate a requested quantity of nutrition into the foods thus delivering either a Dietary Supplement (“Supplement Facts”) or a “Nutrition Facts” product. These are not tablets or capsules, but incredible tasting, high-quality foods with designed, functional nutrition.  


FoodPharma is an OUD kosher facility and is compliant with the government’s cGMPs for food and dietary supplements, 21 CFR Parts 111 and 117.  We are a registered Health Canada foreign manufacturing site.  We are third-party Food Safety GFSI Certified rated as Excellent with the SQF Standard Edition 9.


Let us Develop Panned Products introducing the specifications and requirements you present to us!


Panned Product Specifications


Concerning the requested formulas that we create – along with the additional nutrition our customers may desire, we protect your exclusivity to the formula – in that we agree not to transfer the specific recipe for the product to other customers.



Chocolate covered nuts and fruits

Supplement enhanced


Weight control

Weight management

Diabetic health

Blood sugar control

Mood and emotional health

Gastrointestinal health

Immune health



B vitamins

Vitamin D3



Natural ingredients Organic ingredients Some organic ingredients


Low glycemic response ingredients

Friendly sugars

Lower sugar Sugar-free
Lower calorie
High fiber
High protein
Gluten free
No dairy ingredients

Interested in Panned products or Covered Candies? Have a recipe you’d like to develop?


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