FoodPharma UltraChew - contract manufacturing softchews

Manufactured using only 100% plant-based ingredients – providing the perfect vehicle for delivering your nutrient/nutraceutical actives with unsurpassed taste and satisfaction!


FoodPharma’s™ UltraChewTM – offers the quality and performance you expect with a great-tasting, plant-based delivery system for a wide range of nutrient and nutraceutical applications.   


FoodPharma’s team of food science experts is capable of developing unique formulations utilizing the specifications and requirements you present. Our customers generally offer an idea, or specifications they wish to achieve, including a products’ micro and macronutrient make-up. Laboratory development begins by employing the firm’s established library of formulas which we refer to as the formula’s “Base.” These “Base Formulas” have proven and scientifically backed shelf-stable attributes, which become the foundation of the product’s further development.

FoodPharma UltraChew - contract manufacturing softchews

Patent pending QuadOral  Rapid Delivery Technology that accelerates and boosts small-molecule uptake with up to 2-3 times greater absorption than traditional delivery forms (e.g. capsule, gummy); especially suited for brain/cognitive supplements (e.g. mood, focus, energy, occasional stress-relief), those needing gastrointestinal support, weight loss management, and anyone desiring the best in food-form delivery!*

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QuadOralTM Rapid Delivery Technology – utilizes powerful permeation enhancers that quickly and efficiently deliver small molecule nutrients into the bloodstream when chewed and swallowed so they can be distributed to their active sites of action.* 

Rapid and robust small-molecule absorption occurs within 15 min with significant absorption occurring as little as 1 min following consumption.  Results based on clinical studies assessing the small-molecule absorption of biotin (MW 244 Da) in participants (men/women) between the ages of 20-61.  Participants who took the UltraChew™ experienced a 2.6 times (260%) greater increase in their blood biotin level compared to a popular gummy supplement, and 2.8 times (280%) greater increase compared to a professional grade capsule supplement.


We’ve made getting started simple! Our QuickLaunch process makes it possible to bring your SoftChew to market with ease. 


UltraChewTM  Specifications & Options


Concerning the requested formulas that we create – along with the additional nutrition our customers may desire, we protect your exclusivity to the formula – in that we agree not to transfer the specific recipe for the product to other customers. 


Appetite control
Bariatric Health
Bone Health
Energy Management
Hair, Skin & Nails
Inflammation Post Exercise

Immune Support
Joint Support
Longevity & Wellness
Mood & Stress Support

Occasional Anxiety

Sports Nutrition
Sleep Support


Amino Acids

Calcium Citrate

Calcium Carbonate

Magnesium Citrate





Vitamin C

Vitamin D3

B-Complex Vitamins



Garcinia Cambogia

Marine Collagen







Natural Sugars

Sugar-Free (Sugar Alcohol)

Sugar-Free (No Sugar Alcohol)

Non-GMO Corn Syrup

Lower in Sugars

Hybrid: New Development

Variety of branded plant-derived saccharide base formulations address today’s most pressing needs


High PDCAAS proteins
Vegetable proteins


Made with Natural Ingredients

Organic Ingredients

Some Organic Ingredients


Gluten -Free

Natural Flavors

Natural Colors



Intentional microbiological intervention.

Proprietary cooking processes fully eradicate pathogen risk

Nutrients the body requires are best absorbed through the richly vascularized tissues of the mouth for immediate benefit and rapid onset of therapeutic activity.

Softchew Packaging options

We are preoccupied with safe and secure packaging options for UltraChewTM that additionally supply ease-of-use and advanced shelf stability.  Flexible and rigid packaging options employed through our prequalified vendor partners deliver notable and hygienically encased product with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties. 


Visit us and discover the many possibilities in zipper gusset bottom pouches, crimp-end pillow bags, bottles, wide-mouth jars and formed folding carton options. 


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UltraChewTM Contact Packaging

SoftChew UltraChew custom wrapper options

Retail Display Packaging

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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