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FoodPharma™ works with so many different ingredients for their health promoting properties to make our functional foods incredible! Our ingredient section provides more details about some of the amazing benefits each ingredient provides!

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– May help in eyesight preservation

– Can help immune system by strengthening the epithelial tissue which is a primary defense region to cancers

– May help with acne and healthy organ functioning

– Possibly supports good bone health 


– Known to help treat the common cold

– Helps with hypertension by lowering blood pressure

– Can improve blood vessel dialation


– Can assist with stress reduction

– Helps potentially to improve sexual function in women

– Potentially supports heart health


– Helps to maintain strong and vibrant skin, hair and nails

– Helps to turn glucose from carbs and sugar into energy

– Stimulates the production of insulin which helps to balance blood sugar

B12 – Methylcobalamin & Cyanocobalamin

– Supports bone health and red blood cell formation

– Boosts energy levels

– Helps to improve mood by synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin

– Supports healthy pregnancies


– Can help with various digestive issues like decreasing bloating

– Can improve insulin levels

– May help with post workout inflammation

– May help those with RA


– Anti-bacterial abilities with flavonoids, alkaloids and saponins

– May improve concentration levels and attention

– May help to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

– Antioxidant to fight damaging radicals


– The nitric oxide can increase blood flow to your muscles

– Promotes healthy bacteria in your digestive system to provide increased immunity and good gut health

– The folate helps against heart disease and stroke by strengthening blood vessels


– Can improve digestive health by stimulating digestive juices

– Piperine may provide protective properties from many forms of cancers

– May lower blood pressure

– Can fight against fat cell formation

– Cold and cough relief by possibly stimulating circulation and mucous flow

– Can fight infections and has antioxidant benefits


– Supports healthy Vitamin D levels in the body

– May help with teeth and gum health

– May help reduce inflammation and has the potential ability to activate healing cells in joints and bones

– May help both male and female with hormone balancing



– May help with osteoarthritis pain symptoms

– Possibly promote healing with its anti-inflammatory properties

– May help with sinus issues by reducing nasal mucosa inflammation

– May help with Inflammatory bowel disease

– May be a potential cancer therapy


– Can increase energy as a central nervous system stimulant

– Promotes weight management and supports gut health

– May help with depression

– Possibly enhance athletic performance


– May improve bone health in physically active people

– Helps to maintain normal blood pressure

– Helps to reduce risk of pregnancy complications

– Helps reduce the risk of falls in the elderly

– Helps with premenstrual syndrome symptoms


– Helps with bone density loss

and bone formation in children

– Helps against tooth loss

– Great for overall nail health and strength

– Stimulates G-protein

– Helps to reduce the parathyroid gland

– May possibly help with cardiovascular disease


– Promotes calmness to the nervous system by flavonoid and apigenin that bind to certain brain receptors

– Phenolic compounds help boost immunity

– Can relax the uterus and helps to reduce inflammation and pain

– Can help with indigestion, flatulence and nausea


– Studies show that chromium can help in diabetes prevention

– Promotes a healthy metabolic rate and break down fats

– Promotes hypothalamic functions


– Helps replace what’s naturall deminishes from aging

– Great natural source of protein

– Helps to smooth wrinkles and increase skin elasticity


– May improve symptoms of fibromyalgia

– Can possibly be helpful with reducing blood pressure

– May help with migraine symptoms

– Potentially helps with cognitive decline for people with Parkinson’s disease and may help those with Alzheimer’s disease

– May help with symptoms of Tinnitus


– Strengthens bones and muscles

– Helps to boost immunity by regulating B and T cell production

– Reduces inflammation

– Improves heart function

– May help ease slight depression symptoms



– May slow the aging process of certain cells by fighting free radicals lessening oxidative stress

– May help with vision loss

– Can boost T cell levels

– Possibly help with memory loss in Alzheimer patients

– Possibly improve blood vessel health

– May reduce premenstrual symptoms


– Can enhance stamina and athletic performance

– Can help to treat anemia 


– Helps fight anemia

– May help with ADHD, fatigue and depression

– Possibly effective for restless legs syndrome

– May help with improved thinking


– Important element for birth defect prevention

– Fights against anemia by formation of red blood cells

– May help with gum disease and depression

– Potentially strengthens cells from DNA changes thus possibly being a cancer-preventative item


– May enhance cognitive functioning

– May increase athletic performance

– Possibly help with relaxation and stress symptoms

– May help reduce blood pressure


– Promotes heart health by helping to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure

– Potentially help to reduce atherosclerosis

– May help reduce cold symptoms

– May help with gradual weight loss

– Contains antioxidant properties


– Can provide antioxidant effects

– Has been shown to help with symptoms of nausea and morning sickness

– Some studies indicate may help with weight loss and BMI

– May help with osteoarthritis pain symptoms


– May reduce inflammation

– Possibly help erectile dysfunction

– Can possibly increase energy levels

– Boost in brain functioning possible


– Can help to reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow

– May possibly help with oxidation of LDL cholesterol

– May increase collagen levels

– Studies show antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may provide brain support with aging

– May support kidney function and has potential antibacterial / antifungal characteristics


– May possibly improve brain functioning

– High antioxidants may reduce risk of cancer

– May help reduce type 2 diabetes

– May help fight bad breath 


– Promotes the loss of sodium in the body

– May help with hypertension

– May help with anxiety and promote a calming

– Flavonoids can help reduce cholesterol 

– Helps to maintain the overall cardiovascular health and may improve immune system


– Can help strengthen bone

– Often used for edema, bladder and kidney stones and UTI

– May promote hair growth with it’s silicon and antioxidant features


– Can help to reduce constipation

– Can help to lower blood sugar

– May help with weight loss and/or management

– May provide cardiovascular support


– Supports improved energy levels

– Supports improved mental and physical aptitude

– Helps to treat anemia


– Provides support for healthy blood clotting

– Has anti-inflammatory effects that may help to protect the brain against oxidative stress

– May support heart health by assisting in the reduction of calcified plaque buildup in the arteries

– Supports good bone health


– Promotes proper brain functioning

– Helps in conjunction with calcium to build bones

– May reduce arterial stiffness


– Can help with blood pressure by lowering both systolic and diastolic levels

– May help to reduce strokes or heart attacks by supporting the endothelium membrane that lines our blood vessels

– Can relax blood vessels thereby aiding in erectile functioning


– Can speed the metabolism of fats in the body

– Potentially improve the sensitivity of insulin thus aiding in diabetes 

– Can prevent neurodegenerative disease by reducing the amount of beta-amyloid plaque deposition


– Promotes muscle mass increase by assisting in the release of nitric oxide

– Promotes vasodilation which can help with heart disease
– Athletic performance by increasing the oxygen levels in your blood system


– Helps to protect cells from oxidative damage

– Helps to make creatine for muscle mass increase and strength

– Main amino acid in collagen to give strength to muscles, bones, skin and more

– Can possibly improve the quality of sleep


– May promote protein synthesis for potential improved muscle health

– Possibly improves physical performance by means of insulin secretion stimulation 

– With its potential muscle building ability, fat burning may result

– May help to regulate blood sugar levels


– Can help to reduce LDL bad cholesterol

– Promotes healthy liver functioning

– Great for eye health, as taurine is found in our retina and fights oxidative damage

– Athletic performance by means of improved oxygen functioning


– May help with increased focus

– Can possibly improve the body’s immune system

– Promotes relaxation and can help reduce blood pressure 


– Converts into 5HTP in the brain which produces serotonin

– Improves sleep regulation

– Helps with premenstrual symptoms

– May also help with smoking cessation and depression


– May help with cognitive stresses by improved synapse functioning

– May support healthy neurotransmitter functioning thereby possibly improving depression symptoms

– May prove beneficial for athletic performance and/or weight loss 


– Contains glucosinolates and polyphenols that can help to eliminate potential carcinogens in our body

– May improve mood, memory and possibly boost to female libido and male fertility

– May increase energy levels for athletic performance


– Contains glucosinolates and polyphenols that can help to eliminate potential carcinogens in our body

– May improve mood, memory and possibly boost to female libido and male fertility

– May increase energy levels for athletic performance



– Known somewhat as “The forgotten Electrolyte” that enables regulating muscular function

– Hydrates stool for balanced movements

– Regulate transport of calcium across cell membranes for bone health

– Heart timing by regulating electric signals



– Can help with athletic performance by assisting muscles in contraction and relaxation

– Supports good bone health with its mineral metabolizing properties

– May help reduce the frequency of migraines individuals have


– Helps to regulate blood pressure

– Aids in protein formation

– Helps to relax blood vessels

– Can help the reduce of stroke



– Help to regulate healthy blood sugar levels

– May help to increase sleep quality

– Helps to maintain healthy levels of calcium to support a balanced nervous system

– Can help to improve blood flow and lessen vessel contraction


– May help to reduce stress and anxiety

– May help with sleep difficulties

– May help with weight loss by reducing stress-related eating

– Laboratory studies indicate may contain anti-cancer properties


– Provides assistance as a sleep aid

– May prove effective against tinnitus

– Supports balanced eye health

– Able to repair damaged mitochondria



– May help to reduce inflammation

– May help to with symptoms of joint pain

– Can reduce oxidative inflammation and stress which may strengthen immune system


– Helps with neurotransmitter product such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine

– Can be effective for boosting cognitive function

– May help to stimulate thyroid hormone production

– Can help boost libido

– May provide anti-depressant effects


– Helps build the protein keratin that gives strength to skin and protect against oxidative stress

– May slow progression of Type 1 diabetes

– May help to decrease phosphate absorption in kidneys thus assist in kidney disease


– May help manage cholesterol, triglyceride

– Blood pressure levels can possibly be improved

– May decrease the amount of fat in the liver


– Can enhance the secretion of serotonin

– Promotes the production of collagen and beautiful skin

– May help reduce the symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome

– May help with asthma as it increases the excretion of harmful substances that trigger it

– Boosts usage of fat as a source of energy

– Helps fight anemia


– Adaptogen that may help with symptoms of stress and prove beneficial for helping in high acuity demanding tasks

– May help with symptoms of fatigue and depression


– Great source of antioxidants to fight against free radicals

– May help with symptoms of anxiety

– May help with symptoms of both physical and mental stresses

– Helps to maintain moisture in the skin and may provide anti-aging aspects

– May provide support for improved liver functioning



– May help reduce chances of getting certain types of cancer

– Can decrease the risk of blood clotting

– Helps to regulate thyroid hormones

– May help to fight free radicals and increase white blood cell activity


– May help to increase muscle strength and ease post workout inflammation

– May help with insomnia with it’s tryptophan and melatonin properties

– Rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins that may offer protective effects on cells that may improve cognitive functioning and inhibit cancer cell growth


– Essential amino acid primarily located in the brain, eyes, muscles and heart triggered by times of illness and stress

– Has diabetes fighting properties

– Shown to help regulate blood pressure

– Athletic benefits by enhancing muscular contraction and fat burning increase


– Can assist with inflammation issues

– May help improve memory functioning

– May provide some arthritic symptom relief


– Treats zinc deficiency

– May improve immune function

– Possibly promote blood sugar management and insulin secretion

– Can promote skin health and may help with acne conditions

– May improve heart disease


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