FoodPharma’s™ team of food science experts are capable of developing functional foods for weight management that use the specifications and requirements customers provide.


The weight management market sector is a vast and growing consumer market with a global market value of approximately $255 billion dollar annually.  We have helped many customers create and produce excellent nutritional and dietary products and know the market extremely well to help answer any questions you may have about weight management food products.


Weight management, weight loss and diet products truly have to stand out above the sea of products on the market and we do this with highest quality development and exceptionally amazing taste!


Our customers generally present an idea, or concept of specifications they wish to achieve about weight management products, including the desired macronutrient make-up accompanied often by a requirement for additional nutrition. The weight management product’s development begins with the use of the firm’s established library of formulas. These formula’s are call FoodPharma’s “Base”.

Product Development Simplified

Our innovative team will talk with you about your weight management food product goals and where you want your product to be made available on the retail marketplace. 


Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with shipping and package options to make the entire process of bringing your product to life simple and exciting!

Have a Weight Management Recipe?


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