Recipe & formula development

Product Formulation

Creating and marketing your unique functional food product is a challenge in and of itself. When you then consider the additional difficulties of developing a viable formula, testing its shelf stability, managing its manufacturing, and remaining compliant with food safety and government regulations, the process becomes even more challenging.

FoodPharma™ manages all of these issues for our customers, with the ultimate goal of transforming your vision into a functional food product.

Our Food Scientists

Our team of expert food scientists have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing customers’ products concept into viable, shelf-stable products. Our skilled food scientists work with a vast library of archived formulas that have been previously commercialized and have proven shelf performance. These base formulas allow us to diversify into new novel formulations meeting modern retail design requirements.

Custom functional formulations are available by design by Timothy M. Marshall, Ph.D. (nutritional biochemist, neurospecialist).

Factory Offerings

Bars: protein bars, innovative nutrition bars with varying functionalities, and added macro and micronutrients.


Soft chews: designed in a variety of macronutrient plant-derived bases – natural sugars, organic sugars, or sugar-free all with added micronutrient functionality.


Panned products: include traditional chocolate covered foods such as fruits and crisps which are further supplement enhanced or “functionalized”.


Cups / inclusion cups: innovative nutrition cups with varying functionalities and added macro and micronutrients.


Candy and chocolate covered confectionery: traditional homemade-style confections produced honoring the legacy of old-fashioned candy making.

Have a Recipe?


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