FoodPharma’s™ superior reputation in functional food product innovation, development, and quality derived from merging the experience of intellectual properties of five confectionery companies we previously owned and have since retired between 1919 and 1999. FoodPharma™ merged ownership of these companies’ rich library of archived formulas and the experience and strength of our five internal, expert food scientists. With 99 years of combined experience, FoodPharma™ is a leader in new, innovative, functional food product formulations.


FoodPharma™ will develop and manufacture your product concept into a novel, viable and shelf-stable product. Our skilled food scientists work with the newest innovative materials in conjunction with our extensive library of archived formulas that have been previously commercialized and have proven shelf performance. These base formulas and our food science team’s unique product innovation allow us to diversify into new novel formulations meeting modern retail design requirements. 

Nutritional/supplemental Dose Forms

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