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QuadOral Rapid Delivery Technology

There are many different ways to supplement the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients you need and desire for optimal health and well-being.  The most common forms of nutrient delivery available today are in the form of tablets, capsules, packets, liquids, shots, soft chews, and gummies.

So, what makes our UltraChew different?

QuadOral Rapid Delivery Technology are many and include:

Fast-Acting Benefits

  • utilizes powerful permeation enhancers that quickly and efficiently deliver small molecule nutrients into the bloodstream when chewed and swallowed so they can be distributed to their active sites of action.*
  • uptake into bloodstream is within 15 minutes
  • especially beneficial when you desire a rapid effect (e.g. alertness, a sense of calm, relaxation)
  • food-form, nutritionally dense
  • QuadOralTM Rapid Delivery Technology – utilizes powerful permeation enhancers that quickly and efficiently deliver small molecule nutrients into the bloodstream when chewed and swallowed so they can be distributed to their active sites of action.*

Unique, Mucoadhesive Properties

  •  increased residence time (i.e. longer mucoadhesive/mucosa contact duration than gummies)
  •  increases small molecule, paracellular and transcellular transport
  •  works synergistically with small molecule nutrients (mol wt < 900 Da)

Increased Nutrient Absorption

  • neutral, small molecule nutrients are rapidly absorbed via the highly absorptive oral mucosa
  • is especially beneficial for those with malabsorption issues

Combined GI / Oral Absorption

  • increases systemic uptake into the bloodstream and reduces gastric degradation/1st pass effect

Our UltraChew with its patent pending QuadOral Rapid Delivery Technology accelerates and boosts small-molecule uptake with up to 2-3 times greater absorption than traditional delivery forms (e.g. capsule, gummy).

 Rapid and robust small-molecule absorption occurs within 15 min of consumption. Results based on two clinical trials assessing the small-molecule absorption of biotin (MW 244 Da) at 15 min post UltraChew or gummy ingestion in eight participants (men/women) between the ages of 20-61. Participants who took the UltraChew experienced a 2.6 times (260%) greater increase in their blood biotin level compared to a popular gummy supplement, and 2.8 times (280%) greater increase compared to a popular capsule supplement

As you can briefly see from above, our patent-pending delivery system rapidly and efficiently delivers small molecule, nutritional elements into the bloodstream for maximum consumer benefit.  But, how does it really work?

How Our System Works

When you eat a food like antioxidant-rich blueberries, some of the nutrients (e.g. anthocyanins) are absorbed by the epithelial cells lining the inner mouth (i.e. oral mucosa) which act like a virtual sponge for neutral, small molecules such as antioxidants, vitamins, and chelated minerals.

The longer you spend chewing, the longer you give your food and the nutrients it contains the opportunity to be directly absorbed into your bloodstream.  This is one of the reasons why our nutrient-dense, UltraChewTM is such an effective delivery system is because of its long-lasting, mucoadhesive properties, which are sustained for the entire duration it’s being chewed.  During this time, the soft-chew is first in direct contact with the highly-vascularized, gingival (gums), buccal (inside of cheeks), and soft-palatal (roof of mouth) tissues, and depending on a person’s style of chewing, nutrient transport may also occur through the sublingual (under the tongue) mucosal surface.

So, when you chew your food, or a nutrient-dense, soft-chew, which inherently takes longer to chew – this increases the residence time of the nutrients in the food matrix with the epithelial cells (oral mucosa) and underlying rich blood vessels within the oral cavity – which leads to rapid absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream via paracellular and transcellular transport.

This is similar to how caffeinated chewing gum works so effectively to get the neutral, small molecule, caffeine into your bloodstream and brain so rapidly.  The system works optimally when there’s a high concentration (i.e. concentration gradient) of neutral, small molecule nutrients at the food/epithelium interface (as occurs in a soft-chew) resulting in maximum nutrient uptake and absorption.

So, What Is A Soft-Chew Exactly?

In scientific terms, our patent-pending, soft-chew is a food-form, saccharide-based, mucoadhesive delivery system.

In common vernacular, a soft-chew is a cross between a piece of chewing gum and a tasty, sticky, nut butter – and as such, adheres to and saturates the highly vascularized surfaces of the mouth with its contents.  In the case of a nutritional soft-chew – its contents are a finely orchestrated collection of synergistic small molecule nutrients with the ability to easily penetrate the cells lining the mouth, and into your bloodstream and brain within seconds.

It’s fast-acting like an intravenous injection, but more convenient, natural, and better tasting!

Another advantage of soft-chews is they’re individually wrapped (unlike gummies) for freshness and portability, so you can take them anywhere you go, leave some in your car, in your purse, laptop case, backpack, gym bag, or keep a bottle at the office for a nutrient-rich, mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up!

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