FoodPharma™ is very excited and honored to be working with many American Indian and communities to establish an amazing connection to provide our customers with cherished ingredients to make our products incredible!


All ingredients are in addition to current production necessary for sustainment and balance. We will  not affect the established ecosystems crated by different tribal groups.



The syrup is made from boiling the sugary saps from a maple tree and straining it. There are lots of great things in maple syrup including calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, zinc and more. Some vitamins include niacin, B6, thiamin and riboflavin found in the syrup too. Besides being extremely delicious it has real benefits!



Derived from the European elder tree, the dark purple berry has a lengthy history for use in helping fight off both colds and flus by supporting a healthy immune function. Other notable potential benefits include: possesses powerful antioxidant properties, and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. 



Brilliant red berry that is tart yet enjoyable in taste. Can be digested both raw or cooked  and is very nutritious with high levels of antioxidants, vitamin C as well as dietary fibers. Buffaloberry has also been used to make Native American medicines. Some notable conditions buffaloberry has been used for include; swelling, constipation, arthritis, cuts, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, and many other health conditions! 

An essential part of many dishes, blue corn is ground from whole blue corn with a sweet taste with color ranges from 3 blue hues. more text here……




An important wild food nutritionally similar to a potato but different in taste. Known as the “Indian Turnip”, timsula can be eaten raw, or cooked in a stew, as well as chopped and ground into a powdery flower.  Timsula was one of the most important gathered foods by American Indians living on the prairies.

Hand harvested by tribal members, wild rice is considered to be a sacred element of several tribal cultures. We such nutritional value and wonderful taste, native wild rice has some amazing health benefits as well. 


Wild rice is high in antioxidants, can reduce inflammation, aid in weight loss, improve the immune system and many other great health improvement attributes!




A form of organic pigment and often referred to as the “eye vitamin” because it is found in the retina and the macula where it has been shown to provide protection by safeguarding eye tissue from damage typically caused by sunlight. Studies have also shown that it can provide defense against free radicals with potential benefits for promoting healthy skin and brain function as well.


Annual grass well known for being harvested to make rye bread as well as whiskies that can also be used for ______________ benefits. slow down prostate cancer cell growth and decrease swelling and inflammation. promote growth and activity in the gut of healthy bacteria. 



The chokecherry grows as a large shrub or tree with dense clusters of light flowers and red fruits. The fruits ripen from June to september based on region to a dark purple shade.



The spring tips of the Douglas fir are edible and are known to be high in Vitamin C as well as electrolytes. Often used as a tea or snack by different people for hunger suppression and for immunity boosts. 

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