NUTRITIONAL Product Development


Product Formulation
Creating and marketing your unique functional food product is a challenge in and of itself. When you then consider the additional difficulties of developing a viable formula, testing its shelf stability, managing its manufacturing, and remaining compliant with food safety and government regulations, the process becomes even more challenging.


FoodPharma manages all of these issues for our customers, with the ultimate goal of transforming your vision into a functional food product.


Our Food Scientists
Our team of expert food scientists have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing customers’ products concept into viable, shelf-stable products. Our skilled food scientists work with a vast library of archived formulas that have been previously commercialized and have proven shelf performance. These base formulas allow us to diversify into new novel formulations meeting modern retail design requirements.


Custom functional formulations are available by design by Timothy M. Marshall, Ph.D. (nutritional biochemist, neurospecialist).  



Our Factory Offerings

  • Bars: protein bars, innovative nutrition bars with varying functionalities and added macro and micro-nutrients
  • Soft chews: in a variety of bases – natural sugars, friendly sugars, sugar-free or traditional corn syrup all with added micronutrient functionality.
  • Panned products: which include traditional foods that are “functionalized” with added nutrition such as protein bites, chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, as well as supplement enhance bites and a variety of additional products of this size and nature.
  • Cups / inclusion cups: innovative nutrition cups with varying functionalities and added macro and micro-nutrients.
  • Candy and confectionery: chocolate: homemade-style chocolate fudges, English toffee, honeycomb a variety to choose from. We have an extensive archive of old-fashioned recipes to choose from. Candy: soft chews.

Quality Management

  • Our facility is registered with the FDA.
  • We comply with cGMPs for the manufacturing of Food (21 CFR Part 117) and with cGMPs for the manufacturing of Dietary Supplements (21 CFR part 111) and assist our customers in the development of compliant food or dietary supplement labeling. We are audited by local government quarterly, and state government annually, and federal government approximately every second year. We engage private industry third-party, food safety auditing annually, and we currently carry a score of excellent from SQF. The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers around the world. Recognized by GFSI, the SQF food safety codes are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain.
  • On the occasion of each second year we employ a social compliance auditing firm to monitor and score our management and personnel practices consistent with defined world ethical standards.
  • We are an Orthodox Union OUD certified facility, Halal by contract.
  • We offer a Full-Service R&D Laboratory developing, testing, and assuring product shelf stability.
  • We are an approved Health Canada manufacturing facility and are compliant with Health Canada’s requirements for the manufacture of food and dietary supplements.
  • We offer ongoing Quality and R&D support.


  • Our R&D team handles all of your package labeling needs.
  • We assist in the editing process to help our customers comply with government code and FDA compliances, and we perform annual compliant packaging reviews.
  • We supply prequalified packaging vendors to assist in your packaging needs.
  • We assist with supplying die lines from packaging vendors and work together with them to ensure your packaging is perfect.
  • We hold and inventory your packaging, notifying you when packaging needs replenishing.


  • We assist in connecting our customers with dependable food-grade, protected product freight carriers.
  • Our customer service works with customers to meet required delivery dates.
  • We uphold a commitment to on-time delivery.